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Driver Asus Prime Z370-a Download Install Update

My bios and all drivers are up to date, but i'm getting the attached error. SGX is setup in the bios as Software Controlled. Any help would be great. Software Controlled means it's Enabled.

What program that uses SGX are you trying to use? That program will typically enable SGX during its installation. Is there a specific order in which in should install these three? It is giving me an OS and platform not compatible error.

I'm running Win10 Home Though if their installer fails to install the PSW being an older version, it may not know about recent Windows 10 releases you may need to reboot, then run Windows Update to see if the base driver and PSW are installed for you. There are no Window's updates. Honestly, this is not an SGX development issue, so this is not what this forum is for, but I'll give you a couple more suggestions. If that is there, SGX is installed and usable. There are Power DVD forums where you can ask these types of questions.

There is one similar to this one where there are solutions posted. You can find the Chipset download on the Asus website. Asus downloads for this computer: Skip to main content. Attachment Size Download Untitled. For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

Log in to post comments. This should be uninstalled. In theory, there should be no need to install the PSW manually either. Leave a Comment Please sign in to add a comment. Download Asus ZA Prime.

Driver Asus Prime Z370-a Download

Asus Z370-A Prime / i7-8700K

Coffee Lake 8th gen six-core processors are based on the LGA socket, but will require a new motherboard chipset. They have a TDP of either 65 or 95W. The four core models 8MB L3 will not get hyper-threading. There is actually more coming from Intel, 10nm Ice Lake. That generation will offer up-to 8-core parts. But it likely requires a new socket for that new chipset, at the very least a new motherboard as the Z chipset is a mandatory change. Coffee Lake is based on a 14nm fabrication node with desktop versions in a 4-core and 6-core models.

Asus Prime Z370-A Motherboard slow LAN speeds

Driver Asus Prime Z370-a Download

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