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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Driver Download Install Update

I bought a Microsoft Touch Mouse hoping it would give me some of the Metro features access. Win 8 preview doesn't seem to recognize it as anything special multi-touch features don't really work.

I tried downloading the latest Intellipoint software 8. We didn't have it connected to a PC. We did not and are not making any announcements about the Touch Mouse and Windows 8 right now but will no doubt have more to share in the future. Hoping someone will know where they are hiding What do you define as 'worked'? It works as a regular mouse, but little more. Instead I find that it has a few features that make it work with Windows 7, but this is not Windows 7, it is Windows 8, which has a whole set of gestures that the Touch Mouse fails to provide in the current implementation.

Am I missing something here? Are you able to use the touch mouse effectively with Windows 8 preview? Are you using a particular version of the intellipoint drivers that is newer than the 8. I get the point. The gestures work, although they give no benefits in WDP. I do not know any WDP gestures and think the drivers will be updated up to release of Windows 8.

Moreover, Touch Mouse was designed solely for Windows 7, so it is rather silly to expect any Win8 functionalty from current Intellipoint drivers. I am using v. Thinking it may be related to new scrolling bars and somehow to UAC if the app is running in admin context. However, still gestures not working in apps running in admin context - maybe IntelliPoint runs not in admin context and is unable to provide the gestures including scroll.

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General OS questions Locked https: See forum announcement for more information on where to post general questions about Windows 8. Sign in to vote. Any idea where drivers for the touch mouse may be hiding? Saturday, September 17, Edited by Ben Reed Wednesday, September 21, 6: Wednesday, September 21, 6: This is because the drivers don't support Windows 8.

After all, it is a developer preview so the developers of the drivers are probably still working on them. Wait till the final Windows 8 is released, then it wouldn't be a problem.

This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. Proposed as answer by ytheg Saturday, September 17, 1: Saturday, September 17, 1: Thanks for the reply! If you need a beta tester for any new drivers, just let me know ;-. Really would like to see this. Thursday, September 22, 1: I would love to have these too My mouse is on its way here, bought it with the presumption that it would work..

Wednesday, October 19, 6: Friday, October 21, Saturday, October 22, 4: Well lets put it this way: Worked as in I am able to use the touch mouse to ignore unwanted comments with the ease of 3 fingers to close them all down, etc. Edited by Cadwen57 Saturday, October 22, Saturday, October 22, Monday, November 28, 3: Tuesday, November 29, 6: Help us improve MSDN.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Driver Download

Arc Touch Mouse

In our surface accuracy tests, the wireless mouse racked up a 90 percent on laminate and also wood, which are the two most typical desktop computer surface areas. It scored a typical 85 percent on jeans, carpet as well as-- remarkably-- glass. Because of its reflective residential properties, glass has the tendency to be an unusable surface for numerous computer mice, so the Arc's reputable performance right here is impressive. The only surface it scored second-rate on was marble, at 80 percent. Regardless, you could anticipate it to work with a lot of surface areas you run into without lots of problems. Just like many computer mice, the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse has a left- and right-click function. Past that, it utilizes a touch-sensitive surface for motions that allow you to scroll, zoom and also swipe. All these are common gestures in the Windows 8 interface, yet they likewise connect into among the computer mouse's larger problems-- it has bad heritage assistance, as it's incompatible with operating systems older compared to Windows 8.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Drivers & Software download

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Driver Download

There is no one standard driver stack for Bluetooth controller. Many OEMs install their own driver stack instead of using the Microsoft provided drivers. This leads to different experiences on different laptops. On the laptops where the device doesn't work, goto the OEM page and see if they provide a new driver for Bluetooth controller. This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. Did this solve your problem? Sorry this didn't help. How could I tell if the Bluetooth hardware in the laptops is "Bluetooth Smart Ready" - even if the drivers are not sufficiently updated?

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