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Xerox Workcentre 5775 Printer Drivers Download Install Update

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If you need assistance during or after product installation, please visit the Xerox website for online solutions and support. If you require further assistance, call our experts at the Xerox Support Center, or contact your local representative.

When telephoning please quote the machine serial number. Use the space below to This optional finisher Keypad. Booklet Maker, Tri-fold and Hole Punch kits can be installed with this finisher. Document Feeder and Document Glass: Used Booklet Maker and Trifolder: These are optional for scanning single or multiple documents.

Services and Options Services and Options There are a number of services and options available for use with your device. Many services are provided as standard and simply require enabling or configuring with additional third party hardware. Optional functions and kits are also available and can be purchased and installed.

The options available are dependent on your WorkCentre model. The mono-scanner is provided as standard. Security kit provides additional security features, such as image overwrite options. Xerox Secure Access provides a card reading device to restrict access to the device. Color Scanner used to scan in color factory fit. Documents from A5 to A3 5. Fitted instead of the document glass cover. Paper Trays 3 and 4 high capacity paper trays. Provides access to the services Interrupt Printing: Use to pause the job which is available on the device.

Returns the display to the previous Start: Use to start a job. Power On and Off Power On and Off Power On Ensure that your device is connected to a suitable power supply and that the power cord is fully plugged in to the electrical outlet of the device. Press the Power switch. The entire powering on process to power on all installed options takes less than 3 minutes. Power On and Off Energy Saver The device is designed to be energy efficient and automatically reduces its power consumption after periods of inactivity.

The System Administrator can set up Energy Saver options. The Energy Saver button on the control panel causes the Power Down options to be displayed. To activate Energy Saver mode use the instructions below: Press the Energy Saver button on the control panel. Paper Settings screen is not displayed. For information about loading special media, refer to Media Types on page of Paper and Media. Close the document feeder. Original documents are only scanned once even when several copies are selected.

Making Copies Making Copies Load your documents face up in the document feeder input tray. Adjust the guide to just touch the documents. Lift up the document feeder. Place the document face down onto the document glass and register it to the arrow at the top right rear corner.

To install the print drivers refer to the System Administrator Guide. Open the document to be printed. Sending a Fax Sending a Fax Load your documents face up in the document feeder input tray. Adjust the guide to touch the documents. Server Fax Server Fax Load your documents face up in the document feeder input tray. Press the Clear All AC button once to cancel any previous screen programing selections.

Internet Fax Internet Fax Load your documents face up in the document feeder input tray. Workflow Scanning Workflow Scanning Workflow Scanning allows the user to scan a hard copy original and convert it into an electronic file. The file is placed into a specified filing location on a networked server, workstation or the device hard drive.

Sending an E-mail Sending an E-mail Load your documents face up in the document feeder input tray. Sending an E-mail Select the required features for your E-mail using the touch screen: Output Color is used to replicate the original colors or to change the output to black and white, grayscale or color.

This feature may not be available on your device. Select the Reprint Saved Jobs option. Folders containing the saved jobs are displayed. Select the folder required. If necessary, use the scroll bar to access all the folders. A list of the jobs in the folder is displayed. Select the job and select the print or save option required: A picture of a lock on a button indicates that you must log in to use that service.

Enhance Productivity Enhance Productivity Your device is a powerful multi-functional device with many digital functions integrated into one sleek system.

It is designed to support large workgroups in different office environments. You can do more with less and streamline your workflow with these productivity enhancing features, for example: Xerox Cleaning Fluid or Anti-Static Cleaner can be used to clean the document glass, but must be applied using a cloth and not poured directly on the document glass.

Remove any residue with a clean cloth or paper towel. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting A variety of situations can affect the quality of your output. The animations and fault messages on the device help you to locate and resolve a problem easily.

Some problems can be resolved by restarting your device. If after rebooting your device the problem has not been resolved, have a look at some of the areas below to identify solutions. Troubleshooting Jam Clearance Paper and media jams happen for a variety of reasons. When a jam occurs, the device presents instructions on the screen explaining how to remove the jam.

Paper Jams Any printed sheets removed will automatically reprint once the paper jam is cleared. The fault screen will indicate the location of the jam. The user documentation can be accessed and printed at the device, as described above. Other documents are either provided on disc or can be downloaded from the Xerox website.

Faults Faults on the device can be accessed at the device. The screen displays fault listings, and the device error logs. IP Address of the device and press Enter to view the Home page. Click Index to view the contents of the Internet Services site. Click Help to take you to the Xerox online support web site. To find out the IP Address of your device, print a configuration report. When Start is pressed from within the copy service, the device scans your originals and temporarily stores the images.

Each option is described in detail below. This will produce a distorted copy of your original. Copy Options 2 Sided Copy The device provides options to make one or two-sided copies from one or two-sided originals using either the document feeder or the document glass.

Copy Options Using the Booklet Creation - On option the device will scan your originals and automatically reduce and arrange the images in the correct sequence on your selected media, so that a booklet is created when the copy set is folded in half. A cover can be inserted onto the booklet automatically, refer to Covers page This section describes the options available and when they would usually be used.

This includes features such as setting the device to suit the type of input and controlling the lightness, darkness, sharpness and contrast of the image. The Screen options are as follows: Layout Adjustment Layout Adjustment Using the Layout Adjustment features you can change the appearance of your output image. This includes shifting the image, producing a mirror image, deleting an area from any or all of the edges of the original and copying from bound originals.

Layout Adjustment The device will identify the size of the original during scanning. If the pages have a black or dark colored border the device will assume that the pages are smaller than they really are. To overcome this use the Custom Scan Areas feature in Original Size to enter the exact size of the page. Refer to Original Size on page 52 for more information.

Layout Adjustment Edge Erase Edge Erase enables you to specify how much of the image to erase around the edges of your document.

Xerox Workcentre 5775 Printer Drivers Download

Xerox Workcentre 5775 Driver Download

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Xerox WorkCentre 3215 Driver Download

Xerox Workcentre 5775 Printer Drivers Download

Xerox WorkCentre Review — WorkCentre is a printer that has the functions of printing, scanning, photocopying and also sending the perfect fax for your office, which is able to complete even the most demanding tasks. As a photocopier with excellent printing for your business documents with amazing results and speeds of up to 55 pages per minute. WorkCentre is the right commercial copier with the latest features and functions that give you convenience and comfort. With great efficiency and high imaging to improve the productivity of your small business performance. WorkCentre has a standard paper output tray that holds standard-size paper sheets located under the control panel. For access to the toner cartridge that is behind the front panel after opening from the front of the output tray. This printer uses a four ink Xerox cartridges system with Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black colours, with outstanding results and quality. This printer has the same Xerox ConnectKey Controller as any other multifunction printer.

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