Ever Wondered If It Was Possible to Get Free Gadgets Online?

While your well-off friends and acquaintances are fiddling with their Android Honeycomb powered smart phones and tablets are you relegated to just watching and drooling? What about the recently released 3D gaming console, are you to content yourself with staring at its picture in the product brochure so that we can imagine it in our hands in all its 3D glory?

Or will you take the more proactive approach and join the lottery, hoping to win and use the winnings to purchase your desired gadgets? What about selling your kidney or trading it in for the latest and lightest laptop computer from Apple?

Lucky for you, there is a less radical approach. You can get free gadgets of your choice! But how is this possible if you do not have a wealthy grandmother or uncle who would bequeath to you a sizeable amount of money, or a fairy godmother perhaps?

Thanks to affiliate marketing, you can get free gadgets with relatively little effort. Since nothing really comes for free, some action is required on your part to acquire your gadget of choice. At least it will not entail shelling out cash on your part, which you do not have anyway.

But first, a little explanation on affiliate marketing is required. This type of internet marketing method rewards affiliates for customers generated by the affiliates’ marketing efforts. The common rewards given are cash and gifts (like free gadgets), which are given upon completion of an offer and the referral of others to the site. Many merchants prefer this approach for the reason that it is “pay for performance” in nature, meaning that marketing expenses are not incurred unless results are accrued.

By now, you should be very curious as to how these free gadgets could be acquired. What does one have to do? Basically the steps are as follows:

1. Register for an account at a freebie site. There are a lot of these in the net. But watch out because inasmuch as there are legitimate sites, bogus ones also exist. There are reviews, proofs, and testimonials. It will not hurt to check them out. Although cash may not be involved in these activities, time and effort are. And you are better off using these facilities in legitimate and productive affiliate marketing activities.

2. Complete an offer being promoted by the site. Note that there are offers, which would require you to pay a small amount. You may disregard these and opt instead for the free offers. You will have several free offers to choose from, but it is suggested that you select one which is appropriate for you and your network.

3. You will have to refer relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc. to the site, and they will have to complete steps 1 and 2. Eventually, you may have to convince friends of relatives, relatives of friends and friends of acquaintances to join as well. Do you really have to get a lot of referrals to warrant being awarded the free gadget? Well it really depends on the value of free gadget which you chose. The more expensive ones would naturally necessitate more referrals.

4. When you have reached the minimum number of referrals for your chosen device, wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep.

The procedure is actually very simple, and this simplicity leads many to doubt its veracity. How can these outfits give away free gadgets? Won’t these dole outs cause them to lose money and eventually go bankrupt?

For sure, the freebie site operator is not a fool to give away free gadgets for nothing. He is actually paid by the offer company for each and every completed offer, and this is what he uses to procure the rewards as well as the shipping charges. Being the sound businessman that he is, he will make sure that the total cost will be less than the amount he receives, so that he will net a profit. But what about the offer company, what benefit does it derive out of this activity? Some of the referrals may actually sign up for the service being offered by the company. They may end up being paying customers, and of course this is incremental revenues. So it is actually a win-win-win case with you getting your free gadget, the freebie site operator making profits, and the offer company increasing its revenues.

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