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“It’s all about the experience!”

Most of us have heard this statement thrown around dozen times in a day! But have we ever stopped to wonder what is it all about?

At Gonoise, we have!

We are a company that believes in getting the best experience – all day, everyday. That’s why all our products are built around the fact that we are just a means to enjoy exhilarating experiences.

We know our products are not a necessity in the traditional sense but they help us live our best versions of #everyday!

Whether you want to live with adrenaline coursing through your veins or just relive the moments with Play/Vlog Action Camera you can live #adventure_everyday; or if getting fit tops your list then ColorFit/ColorFit Pro fitness band is the one that pushes you to get #fitter_everyday; or if you want to live freely without anything to hold you back then we have Shots/Shots X5 that delivers #music_everyday.

Though we have come up with the idea of #live_everyday, it is our valued customers and their happy testimonials that have ensured that we are on the right track while pushing our limits to deliver the best.

Here are some of the happy words that have been shared with us-


Action Camera

Recreating The Lion King moment

Source: Instagram

One of our almost customer Asif shares his happy experience.

Play 2 is an outstanding action camera and helps me take pictures that have life. I really liked the quality and depth of the images. I started borrowing it from a friend for photo shoots and experiencing it in daily life soon I will buy one for myself!

Beach Vibing

Source: Instagram

Chaitanya is living it up beach style with Noise Play 2.

It was a bright sunny day at Dapoli beach and the vibe was crazy. Always with my partner Ballin everywhere, I decided to capture the shot. It is very easy to use. The picture quality is amazing and I loved the colors that the camera has captured.


Noise SHOTS Sport

Shots gets 5 out of 5

Source: Amazon

Sudipta finds Noise SHOTS Sport just amazing and can’t stop raving about it on Amazon! She believes in giving ratings. Here are her words, “Honestly say… This is my 1st product in this brand.

I’ve fallen in love…I hope that this brand is the upcoming famous brand in India or maybe all over the world. This brand is easily beated many other top brands in the world. Noise Shot’s one of the amazing creation.

1) Sound quality & especially the bass_100/100.

2) Product quality_100/100.

3) Battery_100/95.

4) Hig,mid & low_100/98.

5) Features_100/100.

I am really love this brand.

Thank you gonoise.”

Light on hand, easy on the eyes

Source: Instagram 

Navaneeth has a student’s take on the product.

Shots is easy and light to carry around. The battery is too good and I don’t have to worry about charging it for days!


Noise Colorfit Smart Fitness Band

Enjoying the Sunset

Source: Instagram

Saurav talks about his experience with ColorFit.

Noise ColorFit Band is really handy for me! Considering all the notifications I get on the band while riding my bike, it makes it easier for me to decide whether I should take the call or not and not waste time unnecessarily or get distracted. Plus, the pedometer gives me helpful insights regarding the calories burnt.


Noise Colorfit Pro Smartwatch

ColorFit Pro keeping you on your toes

Source: Instagram

Neeraj shows of his ColorFit Pro at his workplace and talks about its amazing battery life! He says, it stays on and works for 5-7 days at a stretch even with continuous notifications. Pedometer is really helpful as it keeps me on my toes (pun-intended) while at work place (especially in meetings) it is a major boon as the notifications just pop up on my phone and I don’t have to take it out at every buzz/ring.

Its words like these that make all our efforts and struggles worth it. We know and understand it is not about the product but about you and your experience. The current time that we are in, its all about living in the moment. Experiencing it, savouring it and if its good enough that reliving it all over again! That’s why at Noise, we believe in creating technology products that let’s you have fun, meaningful and memorable experiences every day.

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