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Oledb 12.0 Driver Download Install Update

This happens only for Office or higher as it requires use of OLEDB ACE drivers for connection which do not come by default in Windows and hence we need to install them in order to get rid of this error. In this article I will explain how to resolve the error The 'Microsoft. Downloading the Office System Drivers.

You need to visit the following download link for downloading Office System Driver: Download Office System Driver: You need to click the Download button shown in the below screenshot. I am not sure but these drivers seems to me of 32 BIT x86 architecture and will work for most of you. In case you still get errors I would suggest to download the Microsoft Access Database Engine Redistributable using the following download link. Once you click Download it will prompt you to select the architecture i.

Hence I decided to further investigate and found that my Visual Studio is of 32 BIT x86 architecture from the task manager. The below screenshot displays the file devevn. And hence I first uninstalled the 64 BIT x64 version of the driver and then downloaded and installed the 32 BIT x86 version and then it worked for me.

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Oledb 12.0 Driver Download

64-bit Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) Downloads

Now we have a new guy in the town. Let me introduce it: It does not come within the OS, you should install this manually by downloading it from here. It has been around in the scene with Office but it was available as 32bit only.

Can't use the Access ODBC driver or OLEDB provider outside Office Click-to-Run applications

Oledb 12.0 Driver Download

Beginning with Version release 2, Altova offers both and bit versions of all applications included in Enterprise and Professional Editions of the Altova MissionKit, and in Enterprise Editions of Altova Authentic. This page provides important information about the advantages, differences, and dependencies of bit software that you should consider as you decide whether a bit or bit version is best for your needs. Many modern software development and data processing environments are running up against a built-in memory limitation. Current and previous bit versions of Microsoft Windows can only allocate a maximum of 2 GB of memory to each running process, regardless how much real or virtual memory is available on a particular machine. A bit system is not subject to the same memory limitation. Currently, bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7 support up to GB of installed memory. In practice, the maximum size XML file an individual user of a bit application will be able to process is limited only by the amount of installed physical memory. The screenshot below shows a 2. Even without enough physical memory, very large files can be processed by bit systems using virtual memory, although significantly more slowly. Additionally, files smaller than MB can be processed more efficiently by a bit system that has a large amount of physical memory, because the system can maintain a much larger cache of hard disk data in memory.

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