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Acer Aspire One Zg5 Driver Xp Download Install Update

Thank you, xpcman Ask a question Report. Medo - Dec 4, at Windows Ask a question Report. But now thanks to a virus, the MCAfee that's used isn't helping at all, it just detects and deletes the infected and or system files! There are two partitions: C and the other 8GB is for the system drive. At first we wanted to see if we could hook up an external optical drive to start installing WinXP over again, but I remembered that if 8GB is kept aside, it must be used to sort of repair WinXP or at least install it over again, right?

What do you advice we should do? And is it possible to hook up an external DVD writer to the lap top? Any suggestion on your part, will be of great help to us. Thanks, waiting for your reply. Report Respond to xpcman.

Thank you, xpcman Something to say? Add comment has helped users this month. View all 54 comments. Is there any other place I can get this info? Thanks for the info. You helped me help a friend restore their netbook. Now I'm a hero. Hi I have the same acer, but and I dont have either the recovery cd: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I could just kiss you. Been googling all night trying to find a way to factory restore a Aspire One and the Alt-F10 did the trick. You're better than Acers support site: Ana - Jul 4, at And this did the trick! I didn't even know I had this on my Netbook! This didn't only help me now, but it'll help me in the future if something similar happens again, not to mention that my aunt has the same PC and she knows nothing about PC's, this will be useful for her too!

JCHC - Jul 19, at Muchas gracias amigo, teniamos horas de estar intentando arreglar el XP de la Acer One y de estar googleando Saludos desde Costa Rica y muchas gracias de nuevo I put a virus on my acer and it wouldnt let me go into the recover file but the atl f10 function worked when booting up. I was going punch my computer right in the face but you have saved its life it thanks you!! Dharshan - Aug 15, at I would be very great full to you an early response.

Thanx xpcman u dont know what a hard time I have whit this comp. MikeC - Sep 15, at I got the following: Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: Chase - Sep 19, at RelievedUK - Sep 24, at Could this happen again?

Any advice much appreciated. OMFG I was about to throw my computer away lol I had no idea about how to fix my acer and you saved my life lol thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I solved the problem by your hints Hellow, I have found ur sugesstion fruitfull for pc useres, u help in a good way, its hope for me to solve my problem too.

I think I can uninstall old program n reinstall new one from microsoft web site provided. I Thank you very much it is restored now By pressing the hotkey, - Jan 16, at You can ask me if you have any clarification in any other problems like network, wirless, router Empress - Feb 4, at I love you, You have saved me from paying money I did not have..

So thanks from the bottom of my heart. Jessica - Feb 24, at You are the man, My comp was doing the same crap and now its recovered, but one question does this take off any virus' that may have been on it?

It's a complete re-install - any virus should be gone. Kylan - Feb 27, at I'm a straight man! But I gotta give it to you I love you MAN! I've tried this so many times. I don't care if I erase all the memory on the net book I just want it to work! Everyone seems to be having this problem with there computers or laptops. Clearly there's a reason for it. I am horrible with computers.

And I don't have any of the equipment to even do that. I've had this problem before on my other net book.. Rihum - Mar 2, at Lil Tafys - Mar 18, at You have helped us Anthony - Mar 20, at Yes I do agree..

That process was much more simplistic then going through all the other methods.. Thanks a lot I appreciate it. Fantastic resolution to my problem. Very easy fix and all is well. Thank you for the valuable informaiton. Iwent to Acer support and I could not understand the guy because of his heavy Indian accent. Very difficult to speak with Acer support. Thank you for the information. I called Acer customer support and the guy who was helping me had such a heavy Indian accent that I could not understand anything he was telling me to do.

I wish their customer support personnel would speak clear english. I thank you xpcman fo your advice, all worked well and my Acer netbook is back up and running. ROOK - Apr 15, at Gnom - May 1, at Report Respond to Bigruuf. Bigruuf - Sep 2, at Hey man, did you ever get that recovery cd? I am going to be upgrading to windows 7, but the way microsoft handles upgrades, I have to already have xp installed on the system to upgrade.

Unfortunately I deleted xp from my system to install the windows 7 beta, and now they want me to pay for XP again, just to then upgrade to windows Acer is such a scam.. G - Nov 3, at Could I get a copy of that iso? Ed - Mar 13, at My friends aspire one zg5 just took a dive. I would like to know if I could get a copy of those disks so I try to restore it. Report Respond to Pro Pc guy.

Pro Pc guy - Aug 9, at Respond to Pro Pc guy.

Acer Aspire One Zg5 Driver Xp Download

Download drivers for acer aspire one zg5 for windows 7

Thank you, xpcman Ask a question Report. Medo - Dec 4, at Windows Ask a question Report. But now thanks to a virus, the MCAfee that's used isn't helping at all, it just detects and deletes the infected and or system files! There are two partitions:

Acer Aspire One AOA150 ZG5 Drivers Download

Acer Aspire One Zg5 Driver Xp Download

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