How to Become an Android Developer

You want to learn app development, start reading our article and keep in touch with us, we are here to help you out of your queries and problems regarding to android apps and in this article, we will help you out how android apps are created and a brief description of how technology has emerged now.

Nowadays, most of the engineered people are trying to become an android developer, whatever their stream and degree, because this is the great career and interesting work to do, why because is, it is a very interesting to learn and this is the innovative thing to do, if people are willing to do creative things.

Requirements for android developer

  1. Knowledge of java, SQL and one of the android development software kit.

You need to be very strong in java, then only you will become an android developer, because the backbone of coding is java and that is the basic requirement to become an app developer.

How android apps are created


Image result for Java"

This is main building block for android development and it is the primary language for app development. If you want to be successful in android developer field, you have to be very strong in java concepts like lists, oops, control structures and variables. So, learn as much as possible and try hard work in this stream that will takes you somewhere.

Structured Query Language (SQL)

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This is also one of the requirements in android apps creation, it is a type of query language, you need to write queries according to the topic. Apart from these two languages, you need to learn C, C++ and HTML basic concepts.

You need android development kit to create an app, here some of the tools are free and also this is a free tool to create any app. Android Studio, you need to go there and it is an IDE for app development.

This is the main program in android studio to writ code, afterwards you need to assemble the apps from libraries and packages. This kit includes all of the code, libraries, handy tools and lots of tool to build an app.

Once you finish with the app, you need to create an account in google play store, because you need to promote your app like that way, this is the great platform to achieve your goal and to conclude that we provided information on how android apps are created.

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