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Here are the complete specs for the system, courtesy of MSI. We hope this will answer any and all questions about the Wind, that is until we get our review unit in and we report back on how it runs.

Would be nice if it had come with a manual. I'm enjoying looking at keys that have no meaning. The place where I bought it said my only option is to return it at my expense and pay shipping to get another one hopefully with the manual included. I have tried to find a website to download or read a manual, but haven't found one for this model. I went through this same thing with a Nikon camera. The manual was in Spanish.

Never did get the English version, although I was promised one time and time again. I think companies can give lower prices because these bits are missing and they hope no one will complain. I did download almost pages off the web for the camera, but do you want to carry that around when you are taking pictures compared to a booklet that is about 3 X 4 inches.

Consequently, I rarely use the camera. I think I'll start buying locally so that I can open the box and make sure all the parts are included.

Hello, this is a UMPC, get it? You'll better off to get a laptop if you want that! SSD does not neccessary means faster or lower power consumption. You can also read up the myth of SSD and low power consumption here: I'm seriously considering one. EEPC is out for me! These delays might be a deal breaker for MSI if another similar netbook should pop on to the scene. That might explain the difference in price.

They're probably shipping it from the UK to the US order by order. Also note they say there is a 42 day shipping time. This would explain a lot. I concur as a writer myself and I couldn't have said it better myself! If you want a full-blown laptop, buy the bigger screen with all those extra features!

For me though, I'm looking for something that I can do basic functions with i. I can't imagine myself using this laptop for anything more than that!

I'm a writer and I need a small machine to tote with me no matter where I'm at - and something that'll be there on the fly when I get inspiration. I don't do all the crazy gaming or storing or anything really that some laptop users look for in a portable computer - so to hear people talking about gigabit issues and the fact that they're not using N wifi's etc makes me kinda laugh. The UMPC benefits those on the go really - university students who don't want to port a huge thing to class to take notes - writers who simply need to get away or carry something small around with them so when inspiration comes along The technology is going to take some time to catch up on machines such as this because this is a new trend right now.

Like all technology even cars , everything upgrades. So I've made my decision based on this information: I waited because I wanted to see what else would come out. Society has been using harddrives for a LONG time, so unless you know you're a clutz and are going to be dropping this thing often, I can't imagine that it'd be THAT huge of a deal to put a harddrive on this kind of a machine.

But the main reason I've finally decided on the msi wind Compatability for the next at least two years of use - easy and simplicity of use - affordability - and it looks pretty sleek compared to all the others I've seen on the market so far as well as some that are still being prototyped.

No it's not perfect, but I think it's definitely going to work for me for what I'm choosing to use it for at this point. I've looked at the dell prototype and just don't like it - I think design-wise it looks exactly like the hp which is a little too dark and metallic looking for my taste So what it all comes down to is I simply like this machine I like the way they've marketed it and I like what it has to offer.

Everyone is different, but this works for me. And with the knowledge that all technology pretty much goes out of date a few years after purchase sometimes much sooner , I think that this is a good buy for the time being. I'm pretty much assuming that I'll be upgrading again in the next two years anyway - but for now, this is good enough for me. Expansys is offering to take preorders for when they receive it on July 22nd.

Expansys has sites for other countries like the UK too. There is a discrepancy between what this site and the manual reports, vs what MSI's site reports. I also miss more a Gigabyte ethernet than the BT Where did you order your laptop? Does it have Finnish keyboard? I did see that verkkokauppa. I thought Intel was coming out with a new chipset for Atom with all sorts of video-acceleration and better 3D performance?

This seems like an Atom CPU on an old chipset Why should we pay for something that we'll never use? That would be much more reasonable. Enough paying the MS tax. Anyone know what sort of bluetooth chip it has in it? Perhaps there is no bluetooth in the linux version because there are no drivers for the chip they chose. I honestly can't think of another reason for them to leave it out, other than forcing you to pay the MS tax to get it.

If they had an identically spec'd Linux version I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I'm with atul and norwisdude. I was ready to buy a Eee when they came out with the 10" model, but the MSI appears to be spec'd well enough for the Windows version and I wouldn't mind having the OS at least it's not Vista!

And if I need the XP for school apps i'll alredy have it. Anyone know if this thing will be able to run with a dual boot option? I'm thinking of getting the WinXP model, and immediately installing Ubuntu on it. Anybody thinking the same? I'm hoping for the 8. I want the option to go cheap and update with bits I have already got lying around I already have the ram If I could get the 8. Mine lives in the Asus and never comes out Stop complaining about some of the features.

May 14th, at 3: The only thing i don't like about the Linux version is the battery life, the RAM is easily upgradeable, as is the HDD if 80gb isn't enough on such a small machine. Oh, i just hope we will be able to get the 10' in Australia without having to go through the trouble of importing it.

Way to blow things away MSI for once. Who likes SSD just buy a 2. I probably also change the hd to 7k gb version and if possible increase the memory to 2gb. I live in Finland and I have pre-ordered Linux version of this notebook. The specs according to my notebook vendor are: The specs were confirmed as follows: Shipping Linux versions with a half capacity battery is really a big mistake This is not the kind of trick that will please Linux addict buyers What a loose-loose deal!

Asus already made the same mistake with EeePC battery life MSI should really consider not making the same error. It's a deal breaker for me. I notice that the XP version weigh 3 lbs heavier than the Linux version. Obviously all the Microsoft spyware embedded in XP. A pity about the battery on the Linux version though. Unfortunately a deal-breaker for me.

I didn't get here til now, at least a half hour after I'd already posted specs I got from an eBay listing in Italy! What's missing up there is that graphics memory shares system memory! They are often faster than gigabit eithernet. I think mbps is good enough for this kind of machine since it's not a powerhorse.

The low speed CPU and 2. Things like the X and Air cost at least 3 times as much as this.

Msi U100 Wifi Driver Download

Download MSI (Microstar) Wind U100 Drivers

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How to turn wireless on msi

Msi U100 Wifi Driver Download

Anonymous May 2, , More about turn wireless. Anonymous May 2, , 2: Is there a physical switch -- usually on the side of the case or the front? May just need a driver update -- check the MSI support site. Anonymous Jun 8, , 4: Can't find your answer? Prince29 Jan 20, , 7: It must have been turned off. I did that and I can't actually click on "turn wireless on" - the box is kind of faded out Rakesh John Apr 30, , 7:

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