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Windows Universal Printer Driver For Remote Desktop Install Update

I have been working on this issue for a few weeks. I guess i broke down and deciced to contact y'all. So the issue is that I have a customer using an HP Officejet They connect to the server the one I host via RDP. I can detect the printer on the server it is being forwarded off of the client's local network and move print jobs to the print queue.

They are then moved to the client's print queue, they complete the print jobs clear out, they aren't stalled but nothing is printed. There are no errors being recorded in Event Viewer. I searched online and tried both of these suggestions: I then did a Webex meeting with my client, to troubleshoot the issue on their side: The settings matched and the diagnosis tool wasn't compatible with Windows Server R2 x I can see the printer.. PCL6 was the version I choose Still no printing.

I had them communicate over the same ports as the latter step. I tried then to first print a test page from the client side. We had to disconnect the printer. The driver may be incompatible. Don't know where to turn from here. I then contacted HP's Server Support.

Michael was nice and told me that he doesn't support printers; he did listen to my troubleshooting steps and logic. He thought they were soild. I was then transferred to the Printer department. I spoke with a T1 for a moment. After being placed on hold five times, I joked if I could talk to a T2. She said that wasn't possible but she could get me a a supervisor. I spoke with Jason. He suggested using PCL3 or using this fourm. I couldn't find the PCL3 drivers They aren't offered on this page, might be too old; http: What is my next step?

Windows 7 x64 Protocol: Kind of has the symptoms of a incompatible print driver. Otherwise you wouldnt get that gibberish printed out with your most recent test. Perhaps one of those drivers would have better luck. As you noted in your post you need to make sure that both the local client and the print server have the same print drivers available to them otherwise the printer redirection feature will not work.

Having the exact same issue - I was going crazy until I read your post. Were you able to successfully resolve this? We are attempting PCL5 and PS universal drivers tomorrow - if that doesn't work we are going to likely configure the printer as an IP printer if we are unsuccessful. I was almost crazy, when i thought that the old printer was HP and HP is the newer.. After this, i installed the printer using driver of HP OJ , and this resolve my problem.. One thing I did notice is that the Embedded Web Server has a 'Job Management' feature and I can actually see all the jobs showed up there as 'Completed.

I wonder if the print jobs are making it from the Remote PC to the Local PC and to the printer, and that is where they are finally getting rejected. I'm confused by which driver you installed that resolved your problem. You state that you installed "using driver of HP OJ " and that it resolved your issue.

That is the driver I'm using. That is also the printer I'm using. Local print jobs submitted on the local PC do print and show up in the Job Monitor. Printing local - no problem. When i use another printer not a HP printer everything is fine so it must be a problem with the driver of the PCL 6 - start print and just stop when printer is disconected. PCL 5 - print the document but with strange charset and symbols.

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Message 3 of Message 4 of Hey Man, I had problems too.. I think that this driver had problems.. The printer has just PCL But this resolved my problem, and i wish that resolve your problem too. Message 5 of Message 6 of Message 7 of Any help would be greatly appreciated. Message 8 of Message 9 of Tried all upd drivers Message 10 of By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation.

Windows Universal Printer Driver For Remote Desktop

Client-Server Printing in Microsoft Terminal Server Environments

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. My users are in remote locations from the server and I want their local printer s to be redirected to the RDS server, so they can print. I've read that there is a feature called "Easy Print", so without installing any printer drivers on the server or making any other changes I tried to redirect an HP printer. What I don't understand is why the "Model" and consequently the printer driver being used is "MS Publisher Imagesetter". My users also have another type of printer at some sites "Brother DCPDN Printer" and the same thing happens when it is redirected, e. As KatherineVillyard and joeqwerty answered, Easy Print is only supported when the clients are Windows.

How to configure Microsoft RDS Universal Printing

Windows Universal Printer Driver For Remote Desktop

The easy print feature is a Microsoft solution for limiting the amount of drivers used by printers that are mapped via the client printer redirection option. In this article I will start with explaining the printer connection possibilities, followed by describing which configuration options are available, what happens when a specific setting is configured and what Microsoft could do to improve this feature. Windows Server R2 is the latest version and nothing has changed in all these years and different versions of Windows Server. Later on in this article you will see why I personally think that with some small improvements this feature would have been much better. The good thing is that this article applies to all Windows Server versions since Windows R2. There are ways printers can be connected within an RDS session. The second category which I label as network printers are mapped directly into the session. The Easy Print functionality is only for the Client Printer Direction category, network printers cannot use this functionality. Later on in this article I will mention some possibilities for network printers, but we will focus first on Client Printer Redirection and what Microsoft has to offer in this category.

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