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Dell Printer Drivers E525w Install Update

See All Buying Options. Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. We have had this printer for about 2 months now. It does not have duplex printing some listings out there say that it does so if that is important you may be disappointed. I purchased this to replace a color inkjet that hadn't been used enough after it locked out printing because one cartridge was empty and then the rest dried up.

We purchased just a monochrome printer after that to get us by until we found a good deal on an all purpose laser printer. Then along came this model which met all of our needs plus more. We currently have it networked so that we can print from any machine in the house. Setup for that was very easy and I had no driver or software issues. Scans and Copying have worked great as well. We are not a heavy printer user but do make copies and prints times a week and it is more than fast enough for what we do.

The paper tray is a little small, I think it only fits sheets, but again for us that isn't a killer since we don't print large volumes. I also did some research on replacement toner cartridges for this model and they were extremely affordable and were much less than it would have cost for us to replace the inkjet cartridges in our HP all in one.

Very happy with this printer!! It is also a little on the large side campared to inkjet all in ones, but really isn't large compared to other similiar all in one laser printers. I bought this printer to print on card stock but every time I try to print, the card stock becomes completely curled on the way out. I ended up spending 2 days weighting down what I had printed to try to un-curl it and it still curls up a bit.

Additionally, I found that I have to recalibrate the printer after every 50 pages it prints or the colors get misaligned, regardless of what kind of paper I'm printing on. It also ran out of ink very quickly - I got about pages printed before it told me I ran out of yellow and cyan. Top rated Most recent Top rated. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. The printing is excellent, and relatively quick and easy to set up. However, the instructions for scanning over WiFi weren't too good at all in the manual or in the quick setup guide.

Thanks to someone who answered my questions on this forum, I was able to get that working. Be sure to download and install Dell Document Hub, add the printer through your Windows Control Panel, that will properly install the Wifi Scanning capability. Now that it's working, it really is a great all-in-one, very smooth and fast. There was a problem loading comments right now. The scanner would not stay connected. After four phone calls to Dell tech support each lasting at least 2 hours with the exception of the last one where the tech said he had to install a 3rd party application in order for me to use the scanner on this printer.

I'm hoping Amazon will let me return this printer for one without all these issues even though I am 8 days beyond the 30 day return policy. Four attempts with Dell tech support is enough. We bought this printer 18 months ago after reading a favorable review in a "leading consumer buying magazine", which rated it highly. Unfortunately we have had nothing but issues with the unit ever since.

In particular, the printer would constantly jam, even though we tried different brands and different types of paper ; the toner cartridges both Dell cartridges and no-brand models leaked, spilling toner onto the paper tray, printer and paper. Last weekend, the unit jammed 3 separate times, each taking over 15 minutes to pry out. The unit is now in the trash. I consider myself fairly proficient with technology, and fairly understanding to problems, but the incidence of problems far outweighed the cost of this unit.

One person found this helpful. Haven't had it too long yet but so far its performed well. My main gripe is the software installation. With all my recent previous all in ones, the scanning function was easily performed on the PC. With this Dell, I have to use the panel on the printer to scan documents, which is a real hassle each time.

I am a home user and not high volume and got tired of my all in one inkjets where even with no use, my color inks would dry out. I print mostly documents and only occasionally want color. So I hope I won't have the ink dryout and resulting print head problems from light use. I did however buy several sets of cartridges because I know as new models come out, cartridges for this printer will be harder to get and also at much higher price. I hope the cartridges have a long storage life. I replaced my HP inkjet 4-in-1 with this laser 4-in-1 because, ironically, I won't be using it that much.

But I want a printer that works when I do use it, and my inkjet about 10 years old didn't qualify any more. The black feed choked up and refused to print. It also used ink by the quart well, maybe not that much just idling and self-maintaining. CR noticed that too. Plus HP's new inkjet subscription policy really sucks. Lasers don't have these problems, and this was the most affordable 4-in-1 I could find.

Prints text better than the inkjet without saturating the paper, and photos easily as good. Haven't tried the scanning or faxing yet.

The only disadvantage is the manual duplex. The HP did automatic, very handy for printing up the phone book-sized owner's manual pages for this thing! Set-up was a hassle, couldn't find the printer driver, just the fax. But once that was installed, use has been a breeze. I don't usually buy from Dell because I don't like their business model. That being said, the reviews for this printer were all very good, and the price was correct. It also seemed to not require "Dell" printer cartridges, since confirmed so that was a big plus.

All of that being said: The software and drivers for this printer are atrocious. I have spent hours upon hours downloading, troubleshooting, reloading, troubleshooting again. It's just been ridiculous. It's gotten to point where we're just happy if it prints. Being able to scan is an occasion for a holiday. When the printer works at all, my family and I celebrate, when it does not work - we're not surprised. The only reason I give 2 stars instead of 1 - When it does work it makes beautiful prints and excellent scans.

When it does actually work After 14 months the printer display panel quit working. Since it was out of warranty, two months I had to go to Facebook to get official support. I was told that there was no replacement part for the display panel and my only option was to buy another printer.

I was able to continue to print through the document hub for a while. We replaced our router a few months later and we are no longer able to print at all. It says the printer is installed but cannot be detected by wireless, eathernet, or direct usb from the router. Dell used to have a pretty good reputation, but this is the last Dell product I will ever purchase.

Surely it must be against the law to sell a product that cannot be repaired. I just recently bought this, and so far it has worked great!

It has excellent picture quality on dpi. I've never seen this kind of picture quality from a laser printer. I am very happy with it. I am able to scan to email, scan from cell phones using cellular Dell app.

It also has cloud print, but I haven't used it. You can connect it to you home network wirelessly over wifi, or connect it directly to USB, or connect it to your router with a Ethernet cable which may be advanced for most users.

The web interface is set up nicely also. Have only used the printer a few times, but so far, wow! Easily installs, and the color on regular printer paper is terrific, looks almost like photo quality.

It has all the bells, and whistles, and, at what I consider a very reasonable price. My girlfriend, and I, got to the point that we just hated inkjet printers, what with dealing with cartridge replacement, ink drying in print heads, and the noise, and this is the solution. Not worried about what might be considered to be, low volume toner cartridges that come with the printer, as we don't print that often, and feel we will get plenty of prints before toner becomes an issue.

This color laser printer is perfect for me.

Dell Printer Drivers E525w

Dell E525W All-in-One Laser Printer

Dell EW Driver Download. Dell EW Driver Download - Contemporary printers are curves, contact panels as well as tactile pleasure, but it appears nobody informed Dell. This particular new color laser multifunction peripheral MFP continues to be obstinately dark and square. You might describe this as business-like, however why should not businesses possess nice-looking points too. It isn't pretty, after that, but the actual Ew seems solidly built and it has a great specification: The greatest omission is actually automatic double-sided duplex printing, however the driver speaks you via it by hand. This is really a particularly simple printer to setup, with small packing to get rid of and a great installer which asks the minimum of queries. Unusually, there's the option of IPv6 or even IPv4 motorists, while the actual default choices will make sure that you can still make use of the printer in the event that either IP tackle should alter - a typical scenario which catches away a astonishing proportion associated with drivers.

Dell E525w review

Dell Printer Drivers E525w

This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. The printer is wireless, easy to use. Love the fact that I can keep the paper in and I just have to start the job, love no changing cartridges, quality on its job is wonderful, very please with this product. Dell manufactured and sold certain printers that still work. The AIO printer models are , , , , , and

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