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Firstly, thank you very much indeed for using our Brother products! Brother focuses on the earth environment concerned. And make a basic policy which is to concern about the earth environment, including any workflow from product development to discard. The local citizen should be responsible for local society and its environment during these environment protection activities. Network Glossary This Guide provides basic information about advanced network features of Brother machines along with explanations about general networking and common terms.

Connecting an external or extension telephone Paper is jammed at the back of the machine Menu and features On-screen programming Chapter 1 Accessing the Click your country. PageManager must be page that contains a security warning downloaded and installed before use. The following screen will appear: Duplex Press to scroll through the menus and options. Let you access speed dial numbers directly.

General information Volume settings Speaker volume You can choose a range of speaker volume Ring volume levels, from High to Off. Press Menu, 1, 3, 3. You can choose a range of ring volume levels, from High to Off. Loading paper Loading paper and Loading paper in the standard paper tray print media You can load up to sheets. Paper can be The machine can feed paper from the loaded up to the maximum paper mark b b b standard paper tray or manual feed slot.

Loading paper While pressing the green paper-guide Put paper in the tray and make sure: Chapter 2 Unfold the support flap 1 to prevent Printing on plain paper, thin paper or paper from sliding off the face-down recycled paper from the manual feed output tray.

Loading paper Using both hands, slide the manual feed Printing on thick paper, bond paper, slot paper guides to the width of the labels and envelopes paper that you are going to use. When the back output tray is pulled down, the machine has a straight paper path from the manual feed slot through to the back of the machine.

Pull down the two green levers, one on the left-hand side and one on the right-hand side, as shown in the following illustration.

Chapter 2 Unscannable and unprintable areas The figures below show maximum unscannable and unprintable areas. The unscannable and unprintable areas may vary depending on the paper size or settings in the application you are using. Loading paper Paper settings Acceptable paper and other print media Paper Type Print quality may vary according to the type of Set up the machine for the type of paper you paper you are using.

This will give you the best print You can use the following types of print quality. Chapter 2 Type and size of paper The name for the paper trays in the printer driver in this Guide are as follows: The machine loads paper from the installed standard paper tray or manual feed slot. Tray and optional unit Name Standard paper tray Tray This damage is not covered under any Brother warranty or service agreement.

Loading paper Labels Types of labels to avoid The machine will print on most types of labels Do not use labels that are damaged, curled, designed for use with a laser machine.

Labels wrinkled or an unusual shape. Loading documents Using the scanner glass Stagger the pages of your document face up top edge first, in the ADF until the LCD display message changes and You can use the scanner glass to fax, copy or you feel it touch the feed rollers. Chapter 3 Lift the document cover. Close the document cover. Using the document guidelines on the IMPORTANT left and top, place the document If the document is a book or is thick, do not face down in the upper left corner of the slam or press on the cover.

Sending a fax How to send a fax Enter the fax number using the dial pad, a One touch key or Address Book The following steps show how to send a fax. When you want to send a fax, or change Press Start. Make sure you are in Fax mode was successful.

Receiving a fax Receive modes By default, your machine will automatically receive any faxes that are sent to it. There are four receive modes of this machine as below. For more detailed information about the receive modes, see Using receive modes on page After ringing 4 times, the fax and send fax signal.

The number of rings is set by the Ring times the machine rings before it answers in Delay setting. The machine can receive a fax automatically, even if you answer the call. When you see Receiving on the LCD or hear a click on the phone line through the handset you are using, just replace the handset. Telephone and external devices Voice operations Connecting an external Voice calls can be made with the handset by using the dial pad, One touch key or a You can connect an external Telephone Address Book and enter three-digit Answering Device TAD to the same line as number.

See Using receive modes on page Most offices use a central telephone system. Although a particular PABX may appear to work with a particular model of fax machine, we cannot guarantee that the unit will operate correctly. PABX limitations in general can telephones cause some functions of the fax machine not to work correctly. Note You need to turn the Remote Codes Using a non-Brother cordless telephones external handset If you answer a fax call on an external If your non-Brother cordless telephone is telephone that is correctly connected to the connected to the telephone line cord see machine through the T-piece connection, you The preset Remote Deactivation Code is Remote Activation Code If you are always disconnected when accessing your External TAD, try changing If you answer a fax call on an external the three-digit remote codes, for example telephone, you can tell your machine to and Dialling and storing numbers How to dial Speed Dialling You can dial in any of the following ways.

Press Address Book and enter the three digit Speed Dial number. See Storing Manual dialling Speed Dial numbers on page Use the dial pad to enter all the digits of the telephone or fax number. I-FAX and E-mail options are available step b, all registered names will appear. Press OK to store the number without a pinyin. Press OK and then go to step m. If you want to save a fax resolution along with the number, do one of the following: Do one of the following: Chapter 8 Do one of the following: Press a or b to select dpi, dpi, dpi or dpi.

Chapter 8 Deleting One Touch and Press a or b to select one of the following: Dialling and storing numbers Tone or Pulse If you have a Pulse dialling service, but need to send Tone signals for example, for telephone banking , follow the instructions below.

If you have Touch Tone service, you will not need this feature to send tone signals. You can change the amount of time that the machine stays in Copy mode after the last copy operation. See the Quick Setup Guide. From your application, choose the Print command.

You can use ControlCenter4 on your computer. See How to load documents on page The ControlCenter4 application will open. How to scan to a computer Set the file type for saving to a folder. Click Configuration, and then select Button settings, Scan and File. The configuration dialog box appears. You can change the default settings. Chapter 11 Click File. The machine starts the scanning process. The folder where the scanned data is saved will open automatically.

Make sure the machine you want to use is selected from the Model pull-down list. Chapter 11 Choose the File tab. Press a or b to choose scan to PC. Press a or b to choose File. Routine maintenance Replacing the consumable items The machine will indicate when it is time to replace the consumable items.

See Replacing the toner cartridge on page 57 and Replacing the drum unit on page Toner cartridge Drum unit See Replacing the toner cartridge on page See Replacing the drum unit on page Replacing the toner cartridge Make sure that the machine is turned Open the front cover and leave the machine turned on for 10 minutes to cool down.

Take out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly. If a toner cartridge is left unpacked for a long time, the toner life will be shortened. Routine maintenance Put the new toner cartridge firmly into Clean the corona wire inside the drum unit by gently sliding the green tab from the drum unit until you hear it lock into left to right and right to left several times.

For best performance, use only a genuine Replacing the drum unit Brother Original drum unit and genuine Brother Original toner units. Routine maintenance Push down the green lock lever and take the toner cartridge out of the drum unit. DO NOT put a toner cartridge into a fire. It could explode, resulting in injuries.

Driver Printer Brother 7470d

Brother MFC-7470D Basic User's Manual

The desktop scanner has a discreet automatic document feeder ADF in addition to your flatbed scanner with a sheet folding feed tray. Printer toner cartridges have 1, returns and 2, websites, nor is it that charity or even more palatable delivery performance costs each website 3. Multifunctional monkey laser printer could very well be called the ass loader of the small workplace. In the center is a 2-line LCD display with character backlit LCD display, 3 light switches in fax settings, check and duplicate.

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Driver Printer Brother 7470d

Brother MFCD Reviews — Sibling MFCD printer is composed with straightforward shapes and delightful sited anyplace, total with catches and boards that make it simple for you to deal with, this printer before printing physically and it is appropriate for a wide range of requirements, And this Brother MFCD Driver Windows 10 — printer likewise extremely encourages you in creating organizations and ventures, for example, for printing archives and photographs are additionally of high caliber and solid, so it is exceptionally reasonable for a wide range of necessities you at home or work environment to another. Sibling MFCD finish and flexible printer is in this manner effectively and is reasonable for business likewise because of finish with a machine to print and furthermore sweep and duplicate machine to imitate your records are new or have been long no longer in production, the Brother MFCD Driver Windows 10 Download — printer is exceptionally agreeable being used without aggravating you in a mind blowing execution, and these printers give comes about extremely elegan. This printer goes with a monochrome laser advancement and rich components that can grow your benefit with the ability to yield, copy and fax in one device. With a variety of other impelled features, the Brother MFCD can be a choice to reinforce the printing system less requesting and speedier. Brother MFCD is supported with an assurance of x dpi to ensure perfect print quality. For the ability to print, the printer can print quickly with 26 ppm for profoundly differentiating records. This printer is reinforced by the limit of no matter how you look at it that range, copy and fax. For its ability to channel has an assurance up to x dpi. For a copy of his ability to copy documents with speed of 26 cpm for very differentiating records at an assurance of x dpi. For its fax limits have Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8. Linux x32 Linux x

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